About RLA

What is Rockford Leadership Alliance?
Rockford Leadership Alliance (RLA) is a focused, thematic leadership development program designed for business executives and high potential leaders in the Rockford region.  The RLA’s annual focus is oriented towards addressing critical leadership gaps identified in the Rockford business community.

The 2018/2019 program consists of 7 half-day workshops, one of which is lead and facilitated by Bestselling Author Joseph Grenny.

What Happens during an RLA Workshop?
Workshops are designed to be focused, intentional times that focus on personal and professional development. Each participant is placed into a small group (based on number of direct reports) in which he/she will work throughout the year. Participants in the small group come from various industries and backgrounds, but face similar challenges and opportunities in their leadership.

Each workshop is facilitated by The Anser Group (other than September 19 which is facilitated by Joseph Grenny). The Anser Group is a highly trained group of professional coaches and facilitators deeply invested in RLA. They develop content filled with actionable take-aways, meaningful experiences and relatable challenges.

What Can I Expect from RLA?

  • Confidentiality – Especially within your small group, but within the group at large as well.
  • Accountability – Your small group is designed to hold your accountable – from showing up to putting in the work. Your small group is your pack.
  • Actionable Take-aways – Training is only helpful when you can put what you’ve learned to work. Each session with provide you with actionable steps to bring back to your organization and/or your personal life.
  • Connections Across industries – RLA is comprised of 200-300 professionals from various industries. A huge benefit of RLA is meeting and working alongside professionals whom you may not otherwise encounter. Cross-industry learning helps spark new ideas, collaboration and community.

Who Should Participate?
RLA has a place for all levels of leaders – from young professionals to long-standing CEOs, there is a seat for everyone at RLA. Participants are placed into small groups to allow for learning that mirrors their professional life. C-Suite Level participants will be placed in C-Suite level small groups; mid-level managers with mid-level managers; etc.

Companies are encouraged to send leaders who are instrumental to the success of the organization. Those who can create change, are accountable for results or have been tapped for future leadership positions are the ideal candidates for RLA. Because RLA has actionable take-aways, leaders are encouraged to implement what they learn within their organization. Organizations who are open to this and send appropriate leaders will receive the highest ROI from the program.